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Hello Vocal Arts Parents!

I hope this email finds you well! I apologize, it usually goes out on Monday's, but as I am sure you are all aware, the last few weeks have been a little hectic to say the least. However, things are full steam ahead, and we are getting so excited for our upcoming events. Here is what you need to know for this week, plus a few overall reminders:


CHIPOTLE RESULTS: I am so thrilled to inform you that we were able to raise a little over $450 for our fellow GV Grizzlies that lost their home in the fire. The boosters have cut the check and Principal Frias will be delivering it to the family with our warmest wishes. Thank you so much for helping us reach our community - this is what GV Vocal Arts is all about!GOLD CANYON CANDLES: Starting NOW online, and available all the way through the holidays! PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FLIER and CUT AND PASTE THIS LINK EVERYWHERE: These candles are SERIOUSLY the best in the business - they beat everything else (Yankee, Bath & Body Works, etc...). Their holiday line especially has some of the most delicious, most NATURAL SMELLING candles I have ever smelled. They make EXCELLENT gifts for the holidays as well, so stock up and help Vocal Arts at the same time! (AND they deliver nationwide, so sell to family and friends everywhere!)  Vocal Arts makes 40% of all sales!Buy EXTRA as gifts for the office/co-workers/gift exchanges/last minute gifts!! MATTRESS FUNDRAISER: New Date is now Sunday, December 15th, 10am - 5pm We will do another round of promotions at our holiday concerts. Hopefully, people will want to buy new beds for Christmas!We will send a new round of promotional materials in the upcoming weeks - please help us out and plaster it EVERYWHERE :)Remember, for every 10 mattresses we sell, we will be donating one new mattress to the GV families who lost their homes in the latest fire. New! HOLIDAY PHOTO OP  For those that are new to Vocal Arts, our Christmas tree from our holiday concert last year was absolutely EXTRAORDINARY, and this year will be no less! Our concert title this year is "Merry & Brite" (December 5th & 6th) and the entire stage will be set in a candy-land theme with bright colors galore! Families (including you) will be able to purchase a photo opportunity for a small fee/donation, details of which will be coming soon! But trust me, you are TOTALLY going to want one, this year's stage design is going to be amazing (even better than last year, I promise)!! PARENT BOOSTER MEETING:

ALL VOCAL ARTS PARENTS: Wednesday, November 13th, 6:30pm in the Vocal Arts classroom Our program moves at a very fast pace, and the best way to stay informed or be part of the excitement is to attend our monthly booster meetings! Booster meetings are the second Wednesday of EVERY month and are completely open to the public. Staying informed and/or getting involved is a GREAT way to stay connected to your student, plus we want to see you and hear from you! There are so many of you that I still have yet to meet, so PLEASE join us! SCHEDULING:

VOLTAGE ONLY:  Pickup Rehearsal - November 16th, 10am - 6pm w/one hour lunch breakPickup Rehearsal - December 1st, 12noon - 8pm w/one hour dinner breakSnacks and water will be provided - please bring a lunch/dinner or plan to go purchase during break VIBES ONLY:  Pickup Rehearsal combined w/Voltage - November 16th, 10am - 2pm Snacks and water will be provided  WEBSITE: SPIRIT WEAR STORE - Coming next week! Vocal Arts swag wear makes for awesome Christmas presents! What an easy way to support AND promote our program at the same time! Items will include PJ's, hoodies, t-shirts, ball caps, stickers, and more!Updates are being added from this email regularly, so help us start transitioning by adding to your favorites list! We will be moving towards a centralized information format via our website over the next 6 months or so, hopefully being paperless for the most part by next school year. Stay tuned! As always, please feel free to email me with questions or concerns, plus keep an eye out for a message from your booster board shortly following this one! Warmest Regards, Mrs. Haddad

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