Mattress Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who came to the show Wednesday night!

The information and payout schedule for the Mattress Fundraiser is below.  The sale is on Sunday, October 27.  We have about a week to promote. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about the sale!   Our goal is to raise $6,000!

We have a few things we need all of our Vocal Arts families to do.  It'll take just 5 minutes of your time. 

1. Watch this brief Youtube video that explains the fundraiser.

2. Text GV to 484848 - Send the auto-reply to your friends/family - 98% of text messages get opened and read!

3. Please get on the Facebook event page, check the "going" box and then use the "invite" function to invite all of your friends!  

4. Take flyers and posters to work, church, games/practices or anywhere else you might go for the next few weeks.

Remember, we aren't selling, collecting money, delivering or filling out order forms...  Just promoting! Because we understand not everyone is in the market for a new bed, this event relies on heavy promoting.  We need everyone to find at least 2 people who need to replace a bed in their home and ask them to come to our sale! 26% of American households plan to replace a bed in their home this year!

How does this work? On Sunday, October 27, 2019 we will have a mattress showroom set up here at Golden Valley High School from 10AM-5PM.  There will be over 30-floor models on display for customers to try.  All models come in all sizes, are made to order, and come with factory warranties.  Pillows, adjustable power bases, sheets, frames, and mattress protectors will also be available. Delivery and haul away are available.   Best of all, prices will be less than the stores because of the fundraising company's unique business model.  All forms of payment including layaway and financing are accepted.

THERE ARE INDIVIDUAL REFERRAL BONUSES TO ENCOURAGE BIG PARTICIPATION: Referrals are earned by placing the name of your student on the bottom of the fliers. For each mattress sold from a flier with your student's name on it, the fundraising company will give you money for referring customers!

1 referral mattress purchase: $25 to student/family

2 referral mattress purchases: $50 to student/family

3 referral mattress purchases: $100 to student/family

4 referral mattress purchases: $150 to student/family

5 referral mattress purchases: $200 to student/family

Every referral purchase after 5 is an additional $50 to student/family with no cap!

Have an amazing weekend! Best, Anna

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