Our Groups


The largest of our choirs, this concert choir offers the utmost in diverse singing opportunities, focusing on the fundamentals of singing and musicianship as well as an introduction to choreography. It is an excellent way to be part of vocal arts that most resembles a traditional experience.

*No previous choir or dance experience necessary.


Our women's show choir offers a more rigorous, faster-paced experience, where serious singing and heavy dancing are combined and the expectations are elevated. Young women who wish for a more intense musical experience, and are looking to grow as performers, are a great fit for this choir. This class satisfies a PE requirement.

**Audition required.


A fast paced, high impact, advanced show choir designed to bring the ultimate team experience, rivaling that of any high school sports team as they compete throughout the year. Young men and women with previous choral and dance experience seeking the maximum in training, performance, and competition, will find this class challenging and exciting. This class satisfies a PE requirement. **Audition required.